The Coaching Process – FAQ


What tangible results can I expect from our time together?

Results might include, but are not limited to:

  • Clarifying your dreams and goals and the surprising and unique ways you can move forward into them
  • Identifying your mission, values, strengths, gifts, and making decisions and choices that honor those
  • Identifying obstacles along the way that keep you from meeting your goals and dreams
  • Applying tools or new thinking that propel you forward
  • Creating strategies that support and strengthen who you are and who you are becoming

All of these, of course, depend upon each client’s willingness to be honest and open in their commitment to the process and doing the hard work, which could involve identifying and stepping out of comfort zones that hinder forward movement.

Are these places I could get myself to without a life coach? In other words, why should I hire a life coach?

Yes, I fully believe that you can reach goals and make progress without a coach. But I also wouldn’t be coaching if I felt it couldn’t make a huge difference for any of us–even the most self-motivated among us.

The coaching process uses tools and conversations that greatly augment awareness and the design of action steps that keep a person moving forward in their growth and toward their goals. The partnership of coach and client facilitates discovery and refining of areas of desired growth and dreams and goals, and provides a process to address the barriers that may otherwise prevent progress.

A person can, and often does, continue patterns of thinking and behavior for years unaware or unable to pinpoint what keeps her or him from greater clarity and success–career, personal, or spiritual. Our coaching conversations allow space to identify those patterns and to move forward differently and more powerfully.

Also, though I seek to support and strengthen self-accountability, there is accountability inherent in the process.

What types of clients have you worked with? What were their results?

I have worked with individual clients, including teens and adults, parents, educators, leaders, and pastors. I have also been involved in coaching-related opportunities and training with teams, ministries, schools, and organizations.

As I think about the very unique stories and coaching processes among the clients I’ve worked with, a few of the results that come to mind are:

  • Greater clarity of values and goals, and therefore grounding in commitment to action steps discovered or created through the coaching conversation
  • Increased excitement and energy around their life and goals
  • Increased experience of freedom, deepening peace, and also joy as barriers to progress and goals are discovered and overcome
  • Growing confidence in tackling barriers, transitions, and goals that initially felt out of reach or overwhelming
  • A natural, increasing application of what they are learning within coaching to situations outside of our coaching conversation
  • Strengthened clarity of thought and communication to others in personal and business relationships

For those who have sought to include the spiritual dynamic to our coaching process, additional results have included:

  • Deepening discovery of God’s presence and who God created them to be
  • Excitement and energy in exploring what that means for health, relationships, life, and work

Generally, I find that I love being a part of the process as a coach because it is a joy to watch greater courage and fullness of life coming about in unique ways for each person or team.

How does contracting work?

Contracting is flexible. and I will work with you to discover the arrangement that would be most effective for you and that works for both of our schedules. I usually contract an initial minimum of eight sessions, with each month paid in advance. I often suggest meeting a minimum of twice per month, but we might work together for a period of time once a week if that is what you would like or when that schedule would best support your coaching goals. As a part of our contracting conversation, we can discuss how we might utilize coaching tools and e-mail support between sessions.

Please feel free to contact me if you are ready to begin coaching or for any questions you have about the coaching process and how it may work for you.