Your Coach – Jan

“Jan listened without judgment and asked me questions that helped point me toward the future. Those are the greatest gifts. I always feel stronger after our coaching conversations.” -Karen M.

Life and Leadership Coach

As your coach, I will partner with you in a creative process during which you’ll discover ways to understand yourself and others better. I’ll cheer you on  as you reach for your goals and as you stretch, strategize, and move forward in new ways. And I’ll be with you in the trenches as you work to develop your potential for individual or team effectiveness, with greater awareness of who you are and who you are becoming.

A few of my my specific coaching focuses include:

  • Coaching individuals around key life and career goals as they move forward with increasing creativity, courage, and vision.
  • Partnering with organization or ministry leadership teams to capture and develop new goals and potential for greater individual and team effectiveness.
  • Offering creativity coaching to writers who desire to move their writing careers forward with greater strength and focus.
  • Engaging women through retreats and inviting deep conversations around purpose, voice, identity, and leadership.
  • Working alongside parents, educators, teens, and youth organizations to facilitate building strong relational foundations for conversations around teen issues and topics through the use of a coach approach.

Contact me to tell me how I might serve you, your team, or your organization.

Personal Snapshot

The person I bring to the coaching conversation is someone who is passionate about: lifelong learning, embracing and stepping fully into we we are, and actively encouraging courage, creativity and vision in ourselves and in others. You see those passions reflected, in part, through my tagline:

Live your design . . . courageously!

As a wife, mom, and friend, I love hanging out with family and friends, cooking together in my tiny kitchen, laughing, playing games, and getting into deep conversation. I enjoy capturing life through photography and painting in pastel.

Professional Snapshot

  • Professional Credentialed Coach, ACC, International Coaching Federation
  • Certified Transformational Coach, CTC, Western Seminary
  • C-IQ Enhanced Skills Coach, Conversational Intelligence ®
  • Certified Spiritual Director, The Leadership Institute
  • B.S. Tri-major Liberal Arts, Liberty University
  • Master’s level work in Ministry & Leadership, Western Seminary
  • Professional author and speaker

Download Jan’s Professional One-Sheet

“Jan spoke my language and used word pictures. Our hour up over the landscape helped me get better oriented to the bigger picture and lifted me out of my typical, narrower focus. And then I felt refreshed when I came down. Much better than crash landings!” –Judy

Experience Snapshot

As a coach, I have had the privilege of working with faith organizations and staff, university student leadership staff, and a residential organization for at-risk youth to facilitate creativity and strengthening of individuals, teams, and leaders. I serve as a coach for Bridgeway Christian Church’s Soul Care Ministry and seasonally for the Urban Youth Workers Institute (UYWI).

Before becoming a coach, I enjoyed a position as a director of children’s ministries and worked in youth ministry in a California Bay Area church, and then served at a residential ministry for at-risk youth for more than twenty-five years–which is ongoing. Recently I authored a nonfiction series for teens that addressed tough issues. With this background, one of my coaching interests has been partnering with teens, parents, educators, and leaders to facilitate the building of strong leadership and relational foundations that prompt conversations of courage, creativity, and vision.

Contact Page – Tell me how I might serve you, your team, or your organization.
Author-Speaker – For a peek into that part of my world (site under construction).
Voice of Courage – Where I blog about creativity, life and leadership.

“Jan helped me find the important things I needed to focus on. I liked that. She didn’t provide the answers for me, but helped me discover where I might find them and then how I could draw conclusions and set new goals.” –Doug